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Sofia Gómez and Gabriela Tamayo

a. Afghanistan conflict: the potential resurgence of al-qaeda

b. Global refugee crisis: refugee security rights and their consequences

Hello delegates,

We are Sofia Gómez and Gabriela Tamayo, and we will be presiding the SC committee on MSMUN 2023. 

The topics to be discussed are the Afghanistan conflict: the potential resurgence of Al-Qaeda, and the Global refugee crisis: refugees security rights and their consequences. Both topics being highly relevant and in need of decisive action to assure international security and prevent possible escalation. 

We hope you all exceed our expectations and perform an amazing job during the commission. Don’t hesitate to ask for any help you may need, we will be attentive to resolve any doubt you may have. 

Welcome to MSMUN 2023 specially to the Security Council committee and don’t forget to make the impossible posible!
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