"Make the impossible possible"

Dear delegates, 

We are Paulina Ríos and Isabel Arboleda, and we are the Secretary and Sub-secretary general for MSMUN 2021. Words can't describe how excited we are to have you participate in our model. We have participated in MUNs since we were very young, and these simulations have impacted our lives immensely. Not only did we acquire debating, investigative and drafting skills because of them, but we are now more empathic individuals by being exposed to several points of view in one room. As delegates, you may agree with us that MUNs are relevant, enriching spaces in which the leaders of today can become aware of the most pressing issues faced by a society as complex as the one we live in. However, we find that now, these spaces are needed more than ever, considering the unprecedented times the whole world is facing. We hope that by taking part in MSMUN you will be able to find solutions that are effective, inclusive and innovative. Finally, thank you for helping us Make the Impossible Possible.

Paulina Rios and Isabel Arboleda

Secretary and Sub-Secretary General. 


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