"Make the impossible possible"

Dear delegates, 

We are Daniela Echeverri and Paulina Rios. As Secretary and Sub-Secretary General, it is a pleasure for us to welcome you to this year´s MSMUN. We have been participating in these simulations from a very young age, and the teachings and abilities these experiences have brought to our life are countless. From learning how to debate and investigate to making us more emphatic individuals, it is safe to state that UN models have shaped us to become who we are today. Furthermore, it has shown us how discipline and hard work are determinant when accomplishing our goals while exceeding our expectations regarding what we are capable of doing. Because of this, our expectations regarding the performance of everyone participating in the model are extremely high, but we are sure that with your hard work, discipline, and perseverance you will not disappoint us. We hope you enjoy and make the most out of this experience, we will remain attentive to anything you might need. Finally, thank you for helping us Make the Impossible Possible.


Daniela Echeverri and Paulina Rios

Secretary and Sub-Secretary General. 


Marymount School

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